Herringbone gears for Cyclone PCB Factory

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The Cyclone PCB Factory It has very noisy gears, so I rework they with more precise and less noisy version.

Herringbone gears

I write a procedure to do this gears parametric, and in this case I ser parameter to use this with damper and triple screw to hold on shaft.

I print this gears with PETG becasue It’s more hard than PLA and It’s more resistant on deformation.

To prevent movements due to heat I inserted 3 locking screws so as to be more resistant.

3D Model

Gears at work.

Herringbone gears at work


If you want try other ratio ask me and I add to this article.

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3 Responses

  1. Emiliano says:

    Hi, excelent work!
    I wonder if you can add an STL of the gears. I don’t know how to use this files you publish.
    Thanks and sorry about my poor English!!

    • Hi Emiliano,
      the files are in stl format, but in asci, you can use they in all sliders for 3d printing, but to simplify I convert they in binary format, now when you click over start download directly. Try now ;).
      Bye Renzo

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