Emergency power bank homemade

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When you need a power bank probably you have all the component at home, I had a problem and I had to make one quick.


I need a power bank to do some test with my Arduino, I’m going to use (you can use a simple 9v battery for arduino but It isn’t rechargeable and I don’t know how much test I need) a small rechargeable power pack:

  1. TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger Module

  2. 0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC USB Voltage Converter Step Up Booster Power Supply Module

  3. 18560 Battery holder 

  4. 18560 Battery 

    buy from here, I create a battery capacity checker and I see that the majority of 18650 battery on the net have fake capacity (the battery on test is 4500mha declared and 1100mha real)
  5. 2 position switch 

Here you can find the tp4056 tp4056 - tp4056 and step-up - Charge disharge USB - Charge disharge

Here the step up AliExpress

Here the switch Aliexpress

The battery holder You can buy here.

The batteries &nbps;AliExpress 18650 3.7v 3400mah

 Connection schema

In my lab I have various device (buy to build something) but I think that a little emergency rechargeable usb power supply/battery pack is usefully, so with 2 simple component we are going to create one.

I buy TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger Module to create my solar power weather station.

And I have 5 step up usb module to recharge my phone with various battery, It’s convert voltage from 0.9-5v to constant 5v.

In the connection schema you can see that we must add a switch before step up module because to get 5v It drain continuously current.

Power bank connection schema

It can be used as power bank or UPS, the recharge module can recharge and give power supply at the same time.

The connection is simple, TP4056 battery output go to battery, TPR056 output go to step up usb module, on the positive wire must add a 2 position switch.

Power Bank: at Work

A minimal video of standard usage of this power bank/UPS.


Of course this short article is the prequel to something else, the problem is to test my DHT12 library in the refrigerator.

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2 Responses

  1. Elkez says:

    Hello .
    Thank you, interesting solution. Not sure how long the battery will last though. I need to run the module in an inaccessible environment for about 3 months. Most of the time the device will spend in sleep mode. Therefore, the lowest possible consumption is necessary.

    • Hi Elkez,
      you must estimate the power consuming per day, you can add more than one 18650 in parallel.
      Consider a 18650 can be 3000mha at 3,7v and you check the consume at 5v.
      Bye Renzo

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