Improved Z Axis for Cyclone PCB Factory

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I’d like to renew my CNC for PCB, I select a project called Cyclone PCB Factory to start.

But I think there are some issue on the mechanic, so I start to fix they, one of the more important fix is Z Axis for Cyclone to prevent movement when drill the PCB.

I use standard Cyclone system for connection, movement and bearing, but the structure is renewed.

Stepper is a standard Nema17 form factor. I design an holder for 50mm splindle and an holder for a dremel (big).

I advise to print gears with PETG.

3D model


  • 1x155mm Threaded rod
  • 2x147mm Smooth rod
  • 2x608ZZ bearing
  • 2xM8 nut
  • 2xM8 blocked nut
  • 1xSpring
  • 2xM8 Washer
  • 4xLM8UU
  • 12xM3 screw 12mm
  • 8xM3 screw da 26mm
  • 3xM3 screw without head
  • 23xM3 nut
Linear bearing LM8UU

You can find here AliExpress

Bearing 608zz

You can find here AliExpress


X carriage printing process
Z carriage printing process
Z holder printing process


Z Axis assembled photo

The Threaded rod have in sequence (from the bottom)
1 bearing B608ZZ already inserted in the structure
1 M8 blocked nut (Bleu)
1 M8 Nut
1 Spring (as other in cyclone PCB)
1 washer
1 M8 Nut
1 M8 blocked nut (Bleu)
1 bearing B608ZZ (inserted in the threaded rod)

Assembly instruction

  • First insert bottom bearing then in the threaded rod instert all other quite near.
  • Insert the threaded rod in the top (with the other bearing inserted in the rod to the top)
  • the insert the rod in the bottom bearing (with the blocked nut about 4 mm inserted)
  • Then insert the gear in the top and stop the top blocked nut with a pair of thin pliers then rotate the gears to permit the blocked nut to go near the top bearing.

Here a video with all step of assembly.


Z Axis 775 Motor holder fom jeskata
Z Axis 775 Motor holder fom jeskata


Original holder file

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23 Responses

  1. Manuel says:


    How many steps per mm must be placed on the z axis?
    You speak spanish?
    My english is not well
    Thank you

  2. Manuel says:

    I have a dremel 300 and it does not fit properly in the fastening piece. Can you hand me the original file to modify it or do you have the modification made for this dremel to pass it to me? Thank you

  3. Kaustubh Tripathi says:

    Hey, hope you are safe and doing well. I had a question, how do you ensure that the rotation of the gears translates into the rotation of the threaded rod. It looks like you are using a normal m8 nut in the larger gear. My larger gear just rotates freely on the threaded rod.

  4. Emiliano says:

    Hi! Good job!. I want to know if a Dremel 3000 fits into the holder. Thanks!!

  5. Paul says:

    Hi Renzo. Great job with the new Z-Axis. Print it and look nice. I would like a spindle holder for my 52mm diameter spindle. Would it be possible for you to change holder to fit 52mm spindle and post .stl file.

  6. Paul says:

    Hi Renzo,
    Thank you very much for the fast response. Will download the file and print it during the weekend. Will try to post photos.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Renzo,
    Thanks a lot for the fast response. Will download the file and print during the weekend. No time during the week. Will try to post photos.

  8. Arek says:

    Hi Renzo,
    what were the print parameters you used? The original is: Layer height: .25mm, Shell thickness: 1.2mm, Bottom / Top thickness: 1 mm, Fill density: 20%, from the photo “X carriage printing process” it looks like honeycomb filling greater than 20%. Did you just change the fill density or did the other parameters too? I want to print everything from PLA, gears from PET-G.

    • Hi Arek,
      I use

      • layer height: 0.20
      • 4 bottom layer
      • 4 up layer
      • 4 shell layer
      • honeycomb: 35% density

      I use PLA for all except for Gears, Rod fixer and the carriage.

      The problem for Rods and Carriage is that, being in traction, they risk breaking over time.

      Bye Renzo

  9. Carlos Pratas says:

    Hi Renzo
    Your Cyclone improvements are very good. I have a spindle measuring 19mm of diameter. Would it be possible for you to adapt a spin holder for me and give me access to the .stl file?

    Thank you very much.


  10. Carlos Pratas says:

    Hi Renzo
    I didn’t expect you answer me so soon.
    Thank you very much. As soon as I build it, I’ll send a foto.


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