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Ethernet, the global standard for networking the world’s personal computers, had its origins in the research of Robert Metcalfe. Metcalfe, hired as a post-doctoral researcher on Xerox’s efforts to build an early personal computer, was tasked with finding a way to link a bank of computers with a laser printer and the Internet, then known as ARPANET. Ethernet was the solution.

FTP Server on STM32 with ethernet card and SD card or SPI Flash 0

FTP server on STM32 with w5500, enc28j60, SD Card, and SPI Flash

Implementing an FTP server on an STM32 involves integrating the W5500 Ethernet module, ENC28J60 Ethernet controller, SD Card, and SPI Flash. This setup enables efficient network communication and storage, allowing the STM32 to handle file transfers and manage data effectively in embedded systems.

Send email with attachments STM32 boards Gmail SSL 0

STM32 send emails with attachments and SSL (like Gmail): w5500, enc28j60, SD, and SPI Fash

This guide demonstrates how to send emails with attachments from STM32 microcontrollers using SSL encryption, like Gmail. It covers using w5500 and enc28j60 for network connectivity and SD cards and SPI Flash for storage. With detailed setup instructions and coding examples, it enables secure email communication in STM32-based projects.

Integrating LAN8720 with ESP32 for Ethernet Connectivity with plain (HTTP) and SSL (HTTPS) 2

Integrating LAN8720 with ESP32 for Ethernet Connectivity with plain (HTTP) and SSL (HTTPS)

This integration involves connecting the LAN8720 Ethernet module with the ESP32 microcontroller to enable wired network connectivity. The process includes configuring the ESP32 to recognize and communicate through the LAN8720 module, ensuring compatibility with both plain text (HTTP) and encrypted (HTTPS) SSL data transmissions.