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Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040)and DS18B20: all OneWire topologies, long stubs and multiple devices

Dallas ds18b20 with Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040): all OneWire topologies, long stubs and more devices

This article covers how to connect DS18B20 digital temperature sensors to a Raspberry Pi Pico using the OneWire protocol. It includes information on all possible OneWire topologies, how to deal with long wires, and connecting multiple sensors. The article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for using these sensors with a Raspberry Pi Pico, including tips for troubleshooting and optimizing performance.

Arduino SAMD (Nano 33, MKR...) and Ebyte LoRa E70 CC1310

Connecting the EByte E70 to Arduino SAMD (Nano 33, MKR…) devices and a simple sketch example

In this concise guide, we explore the integration of the EByte E70, a powerful long-range transmitter, with Arduino SAMD-based devices like the Nano 33 and MKR series. These Arduino boards, known for their compact size and high performance, are ideal for IoT projects that require long-range communication.

Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040) and DS18B20: introduction and parasite mode

Dallas ds18b20 with Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040): introduction and parasite mode

The Dallas DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor that can be easily integrated with a Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040) microcontroller. In this response, we will provide an introduction to the DS18B20 sensor and explain how to use it in parasite mode with a Raspberry Pi Pico.

ESP32 c3/s3 e Ebyte LoRa E70 CC1310

Connecting the EByte E70 to ESP32 c3/s3 devices and a simple sketch example

In this article, we explore the process of connecting the EByte E70 module, a long-range RF transceiver, to ESP32 c3/s3 devices, known for their robust IoT capabilities. The ESP32 c3/s3 offers a powerful platform for integrating wireless communication like RF, enabling long-range, low-power IoT applications.

Send email with attachments STM32 boards Gmail SSL 0

STM32 send emails with attachments and SSL (like Gmail): w5500, enc28j60, SD, and SPI Fash

This guide demonstrates how to send emails with attachments from STM32 microcontrollers using SSL encryption, like Gmail. It covers using w5500 and enc28j60 for network connectivity and SD cards and SPI Flash for storage. With detailed setup instructions and coding examples, it enables secure email communication in STM32-based projects.

WiFi remote debugging on Arduino UNO with DT-06 0

WiFi remote debugging of an Arduino with DT-06

We have already addressed the topic of remote wireless programming via Bluetooth of an Arduino UNO in our previous article titled “Arduino Remote/wireless Programming” however, thanks to the feedback and questions from our readers, we have decided to delve even deeper into this subject, exploring the possibilities that WiFi connectivity offers.