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ESP32 OTA update with Arduino IDE: filesystem, firmware and password 0

ESP32 OTA update with Arduino IDE: filesystem, firmware, and password

One of the most important features of the ESP32 is the ability to perform over-the-air (OTA) updates, which allows developers to remotely update the firmware of the device without the need for physical access.

In this article, we will explore how to perform an OTA update on an ESP32 using the Arduino IDE. We will cover the entire process, including updating the filesystem and firmware, as well as securing the OTA update with a password.

Arduino MKR SAMD i2c protocol network additional SERCOM address scanner 0

i2c Arduino SAMD MKR: additional interface SERCOM, network and address scanner

I love the I2C protocol, and when I need a sensor, every time I try to find one with this protocol, I have also written some libraries for various sensors that use I2C.
In this article, we will learn I2C basics, analyze the Arduino SAMD MKR management, add interfaces with SERCOM, and create a heterogeneous network.

STM32F1 pinout specs and Arduino IDE configuration 0

STM32F1: pinout, specs, and Arduino IDE configuration (STM32duino and STMicroelectronics) – 1

Navigating the STM32 world is more complicated than other microcontrollers, one of the reasons is that it is an extremely large world and there are many options for both software and hardware.
In this tutorial we try to create a path to follow to reach a good knowledge of these devices.
Let’s start with the famous STM32 Blue Pill, let’s see how to program it and the basic features.