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The Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application used for writing and uploading code to Arduino microcontroller boards. It provides a simple interface where users can write, edit, and debug their code, and includes libraries and tools to simplify the programming of Arduino boards for various projects.

SunFounder Zeus Car Kit with light and WiFi boost 0

Zeus Smart Car Kit: light and WiFi signal boost to explore the dark

The SunFounder Zeus Car Smart Car Kit for Arduino UNO is an educational kit designed for beginners and children to gain hands-on experience in electronics, robotics, and programming.
It’s very fun to upgrade and programming with It.
In this article we are going to apply two upgrade: light and WiFi boost.

ESP32 OTA update with Arduino IDE: filesystem, firmware and password 0

ESP32 OTA update with Arduino IDE: filesystem, firmware, and password

One of the most important features of the ESP32 is the ability to perform over-the-air (OTA) updates, which allows developers to remotely update the firmware of the device without the need for physical access.

In this article, we will explore how to perform an OTA update on an ESP32 using the Arduino IDE. We will cover the entire process, including updating the filesystem and firmware, as well as securing the OTA update with a password.

Arduino MKR SAMD i2c protocol network additional SERCOM address scanner 0

i2c Arduino SAMD MKR: additional interface SERCOM, network and address scanner

I love the I2C protocol, and when I need a sensor, every time I try to find one with this protocol, I have also written some libraries for various sensors that use I2C.
In this article, we will learn I2C basics, analyze the Arduino SAMD MKR management, add interfaces with SERCOM, and create a heterogeneous network.