Author: Renzo Mischianti

Arduino battery checker with temperature, and battery selection 0

Checking Battery Capacity with Arduino: Temperature Monitoring and Type Selection

Here is my Arduino battery tester, designed to explore the performance of various types of batteries, including 18650 and acid-based ones. Successfully tested even with a 6V lead-acid battery with a capacity of 4.2A, this device provides battery capacity readings in milliampere-hours. In fact, it’s an old article that I had never published before, but I have revisited and decided to publish it now.

The SunFounder GalaxyRVR Mars Rover Kit: Your Gateway to Fun and Educational Exploration 0

Space Education: The Enhanced GalaxyRVR Mars Rover Kit with Light and Signal Booster

The SunFounder GalaxyRVR Kit represents an educational gadget and a gateway to the universe of knowledge and exploration. Perfect for those seeking an engaging pastime or a potent educational instrument, the GalaxyRVR Kit is versatile and comprehensive. In this piece, I’m happy to enhance its capabilities by introducing an upgrade to the Play mode, incorporating advanced light management and a signal booster, adding an extra layer of functionality to this already interesting kit.

Ebyte LoRa E32 with STM32: WOR (wake on radio) and new STM32 shield 2

Ebyte LoRa E32 with STM32: WOR (wake on radio) and new STM32 shield – 9

In this article, we will dive into some technical details of the Ebyte LoRa E32 module integrated with the STM32 microcontroller. One key feature that we will explore is the WOR (Wake on Radio), which is a significant factor in the world of low-power long-range communication systems.

EByte LoRa E32 & MicroPython: a deep dive into transmission types 0

EByte LoRa E32 & MicroPython: a deep dive into transmission types – 4

This article, the fourth in our series, provides an in-depth analysis of the different transmission types that can be realized with the EByte LoRa E32 module utilizing MicroPython. By understanding these transmission modalities, developers can effectively harness the power of these tools and tailor their applications to meet specific needs.

EByte LoRa E32 & MicroPython: detailed look at configuration 0

EByte LoRa E32 & MicroPython: a detailed look at configuration – 3

This article delves into the configuration of the EByte LoRa E32, we’ll guide you through the critical steps of configuration, from setting up the hardware environment to fine-tuning the software parameters. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a curious enthusiast.