Category: Wireless Communication

Wireless communication transmits information via electromagnetic waves, eliminating the need for physical cables. It enables devices to connect and exchange data over the air, offering mobility and convenience. This technology underpins mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and various telecommunication networks like Wi-Fi and mobile phone services. It supports diverse applications, from Bluetooth devices to global cellular networks, providing scalable and flexible connectivity. However, wireless communication can face challenges such as range limitations, physical obstructions, and interference, which may affect connection quality and reliability.

Arduino SAMD (Nano 33, MKR...) and Ebyte LoRa E70 CC1310

Connecting the EByte E70 to Arduino SAMD (Nano 33, MKR…) devices and a simple sketch example

In this concise guide, we explore the integration of the EByte E70, a powerful long-range transmitter, with Arduino SAMD-based devices like the Nano 33 and MKR series. These Arduino boards, known for their compact size and high performance, are ideal for IoT projects that require long-range communication.

ESP32 c3/s3 e Ebyte LoRa E70 CC1310

Connecting the EByte E70 to ESP32 c3/s3 devices and a simple sketch example

In this article, we explore the process of connecting the EByte E70 module, a long-range RF transceiver, to ESP32 c3/s3 devices, known for their robust IoT capabilities. The ESP32 c3/s3 offers a powerful platform for integrating wireless communication like RF, enabling long-range, low-power IoT applications.