CNC Cyclone PCB Factory: boards and other – Part 6

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There are a lot of thing that we can add to the CNC, here I select something to show that I think It’s interesting.


I add 220ohom resistor directly to the led.

Resitor to led

Variable speed splindle

If you want use a variable speed splindle you must use a mosfet to control It, here an example schema connection.

Mosfet wiring connection for variable speed splindle

Mosfet can go very hot, so remember to add heat sink.

Mosfet service board

You can find here IRFZ44 - IRLZ34N IRLZ44N - IRF744N

Transistor schema

As described I use a transistor to activate some module to prevent error for power consumption.

Transistor schema
Transistor 2n2222 on prefored board
You can find here AliExpress

Power supply

I use a simple 12v 10A power supply, and I use 78xx to regulate input. I use 7812 to regulate input of Arduino, and 7805 to power leds and module, because Arduino can’t power all device.

Voltage regulator
78xx voltage regulator

It’s important to add heat sink, I use old heat sink of old PC where I do an M3 hole with a screw.

78xx Voltage regulator

You can find here AliExpress SMD (AMS1117) - AliExpress 3.3v (LM1117) - AliExpress 5v (7805) - AliExpress 9v (7809)AliExpress 12v (7812) - AliExpress 3.3v TO-92 (78L33)

Voltage divider

It’s important use correct voltage for signal if you need to do long running communication.

Voltage signal divider
Voltage divider signal prefored board
Voltage divider

Need more pins

You need more pins to connect all, I create 2 service board to help this.

Service board unplugged

This boards are very usefully and simple.

Service board expansion pins


Semplified connection schema

Take your case and start to add all:

Remember the schema of wiring connection must be integrated with service board that I create to prevent all the problem I encountered.

To connect all I use a dupont and Header pin, very versatile instrument.

The machine get a lot of vibration so when you made al junctions and you test all, fix all with some hot glue.


I use as enclousure an old ITX desktop case with fired power supply, and the result is in the photo.


In the next part we are going to see settings and how to do first tests.

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