Contest Project MUUD

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The association of social promotion “YellowBox” is about to hold its first contest, related to the project “Meglio Un Uovo Domani” (MUUD) which means “Better An Egg Tomorrow”.

The Contest MUUD
The Contest MUUD

MUUD is a development project for the rural populations of Burundi, extendable to other areas of Africa.

The goal is to guarantee high-tech incubators for eggs to the populations involved, in order to ensure that they receive the right amount of protein and provide an idea of a sustainable subsistence system, so that they can overcome the problem of malnutrition that currently affects 70% of the Burundian population.

The contest of the project #MeglioUnUovoDomani (BetterAnEggTomorrow) is addressed to all, who will have the task of making an egg incubator that will be destined to a Burundian family protagonist of the project.

The incubator should have these requirements:

  • be remotely controllable;
  • being able to run on solar energy as well;
  • be open source.

But there are only two basic requirements to participate: creativity and innovation.

The objective of this initiative, in addition to identifying and collecting the most innovative ideas, is to involve people to raise awareness and bring them closer to the charitable initiatives and, at the same time, give them the opportunity to put into practice the theories studied, in full collaboration and sharing of knowledge, for a moment of training fun.

The best project will be awarded € 1000 in materials and tools.

Find out how to participate by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Contest MUUD project”!

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