Temperature humidity sensors comparison (Data) Part 3

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The tests are very simple, check the data in indoor.
The data have 10 minutes of interval, and 2 interruption for 3 hours to have less data but more significative.

Check the previous articles to know specifications and how to use they in the Arduino IDE.

There is a bad surprise but all are in line with the quality of sensors.


Here a recap of sensor I tested.


Temperature and pressure sensor


You can find here AliExpress


Temperature humidity sensor


You can find here AliExpress


Temperature humidity sensor


You can find here AliExpress


Temperature humidity sensor

You can find here DHT12 AliExpress

Dallas Temperature ds18b20

Programmable precision temperature sensor

Dallas temperature ds18b20

You can find here AliExpress


Temperature analog sensor (MF58-103 3950 B)

Thermistor MF58

You can find here NTC MF58 3950 B 5% 1% 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K


I put all together and I grab a weather station to compare values. I add the data from weather station some time to evaluate the result.

Humidity table data

Humidity chart

Humidity compare chart

As you can see DHT22 and DHT12 have very similar data about 2-3% of difference, compared to weather station data of DHT22 are little better, but nothing relevant. DHT11 have some problem to measure humidity, is not so precise.

Temperature data table

Temperature compare chart

Temperature compare chart

Here I had a bitter disappointment, the bpm280 makes not very precise measurements considering the spread of the sensor, I replaced the sensor but same result.
Better is the thermistor with my library (not even one of the best type).
Data of DallasTemperature ds18b20, DHT12 and DHT22 are quite similar, slightly more precise than DHT12 compared to the others.



For me there are 3 sensors that are a good solution to check home temperature, the data are clear DallasTemperature ds18b20, DHT12 and DHT22 are the best solution, when I buy thermistor I did not believe they were so precise, and they are a good solution to test temperature of device (I use they to check resitance and battery temperature).


For humidity there is a challenge between the DHT22 and DHT12. Some time DHT22 have 1-2% better performance.

At the last

DHT12 in this indoor enviroenment test result one of the best choice for the price, but DHT22 have good result too and sometime better in humidity, but I think 1-2% spread is not relevant.

if I must do a choice, for me It’s simple: DHT12 because It cost less and It can be controlled with one-wire and i2c protocol.


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