Monthly Archive: November 2022

STM32 SPI Flash memory storage 19

STM32: add SPI flash memory with FAT FS

The first SMT32 prototype boards don’t have an embedded SPI Flash, but the latest, like the WeAct STM32F4 board, has a footprint to add It. And for me, It’s very useful. The only problem Is that this Core doesn’t have a native library, so we will use the Adafruit one.

BNO055: ESP32, esp8266, rp2040, stm32, and Arduino wiring and Bosch library 0

BNO055 for esp32, esp8266, and Arduino: wiring and advanced Bosch library – 2

This is the second article on bno055. If you need basic management, you can refer to the previous article “BNO055 accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and orientation software”, but if you need advanced management (and more complex) with interrupt, you must read this article also.