Monthly Archive: April 2021

LoRa E32 E22 ESP32 shield PCB and wake up from WOR 2

Ebyte LoRa E32 device for Arduino, esp32 or esp8266: WOR (wake on radio) and new ESP32 shield – 8

Here a tutorial on E32 LoRa (Long Range) device very cheap and very long range (from 3Km to 8Km).
In this chapter we are going to wake on radio the LoRa E32 and microcontroller and we show the ESP32 DEV KIT v1 shield created for this device.

DynamoDB prerequisite and JavaScript SDK v2 and v3 introduction 0

DynamoDB: prerequisite and JavaScript SDK v2 and v3 – 1

I want to write a step by step tutorial on how to create an Alexa Smart Home Skill from scratch. So I’m going to present all the prerequisites and steps to create a Smart Home Skill connected to our micro-controller able to manage every connected device.
We will give a brief introduction to DynamoDB and the prerequisites required to work with the JavaScript SDK v2 and v3.

ESP32 integrated LittleFS FileSystem 4

ESP32: integrated LittleFS FileSystem – 5

LittleFS was recently added and focuses on higher performance and directory support, but has a higher resource consumption and occupancy per file, although not by default for esp32 it should be remembered that it takes up less resources than FatFS.