Monthly Archive: July 2023

TS7-Pro: unleashing the power of the Raspberry Pi Touchscreen tablet for night vision 0

Night Vision on Raspberry Pi: TS7-Pro Display, PiPower & DIY 3D Printed Battery in Action!

What started as a simple review of the TS7-Pro display for a project, has evolved into a comprehensive examination of a Raspberry Pi setup. This setup features the TS7-Pro display, a night vision camera, a SunFounder PiPower module, and a DIY 3D printed rechargeable battery pack. Witness how the night vision camera effectively captures detailed images, even in low-light conditions.

STM32F4 black pill power saving: manage clock frequencies 0

STM32 Power saving: STM32F4 black-pill manages clock and frequencies – 2

An essential factor of our micro-controllers is power consumption. As usual, I started to analyze that aspect without entering the detail for sleep mode but with some alternative solutions offered by the micro controller.
Now we are going to examine the management of clock frequencies of STM32F4 series.