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ABB PowerOne Aurora Web Inverter Centraline WIFI configuration and REST Server 0

ABB (Power One) Aurora Web Inverter Monitor (WIM): WIFI configuration and REST Server – 6

I’d like to monitoring my ABB Aurora inverter. So with an WeMos D1 mini I create a centraline with web interface, notification and other.
Here I’d like to explain how to configure WiFi first time and I show REST API of the device.


How to manage dynamic WIFI configuration on esp8266 or esp32

One most common need when you use IOT device with WIFI is the first connection attemp, It’s very tedious to hard code WIFI parameter, but a library allows you to connect your esp8266/esp32 to different Access Points (AP) without having to hard code and upload new code to your board. Additionally, you can also add custom parameters (variables) and manage multiple SSID connections with the WiFiManager library.