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ESP32 practical power saving manage WiFi sleep and CPU frequency 23

ESP32 practical power saving: manage WiFi and CPU – 1

The ESP32 is capable to activate the energy saving modes of light sleep and deep sleep, but in many cases we cannot use such a solution, but it is still possible to apply some options to the functional units for reducing energy consumption.
Let’s set the sleep mode, disable the WiFi and scale the frequency to the CPU.

WebSocket Arduino esp8266 esp32 client 4

WebSocket on Arduino, esp8266 and esp32: client – 1

Modern web applications need to update data in real time, for years we have used polling with REST calls but now we can no longer ignore the WebSocket protocol.
Here I am going to present a WebSocket client with esp8266, esp32 and Arduino Mega with enc28j60.Here a WebSocket client with esp8266, esp32 and Arduino Mega and enc28j60.

WebServer Esp8266 ESP32 byte array gzipped pages and SPIFFS 8

Web Server with esp8266 and esp32: byte array, gzipped pages and SPIFFS – 2

Here a little tutorial to learn how to manage a complete web server via esp8266 esp32 or other arduino like device.
When we speak about web server we know that the basic is serving a web page, in a micro-controller we have some solution to do that.

FlatCAM pratical tutorial gcode and milling PCB 2

FlatCAM practical tutorial: gcode and PCB milling – Part 6

FlatCAM is a program for preparing CNC jobs for making PCBs on a CNC router. Among other things, it can take a Gerber file generated by your favorite PCB CAD program, and create G-Code for Isolation routing.
Here we are going to create gcode and show the milling process.