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A weather station, also known as a meteorological station, is a setup of instruments and sensors designed to collect and record data on weather conditions. These stations are crucial in monitoring and analyzing the climate, providing essential data for weather forecasting, climate research, and various practical applications.

The size and complexity of weather stations can vary greatly. There are simple models suitable for home use and more sophisticated ones used in meteorological centers and research institutions. A typical weather station measures air temperature with a thermometer, relative humidity with a hygrometer, atmospheric pressure with a barometer, and also detects wind speed and direction with an anemometer, and quantifies precipitation with a rain gauge.

More advanced weather stations may also be equipped with sensors to assess additional data such as solar radiation and UV index. The collected data is often sent to a computer or mobile device for detailed analysis or uploaded to online platforms, facilitating sharing and collaboration with other users and researchers.

These stations find applications in various fields. In agriculture, for instance, they help optimize cultivation and irrigation activities. In the education sector, they are used for teaching purposes, while in weather forecasting they contribute to improving accuracy. They also play an important role in monitoring climate change.

The ease of use and accessibility of modern weather stations have enabled a growing number of enthusiasts and professionals to collect valuable meteorological data, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of the global climate.

LineaMeteoStazione The Personalized WiFi Weather Station using ESP32 ESP8266 and Attiny85 0

LineaMeteoStazione: The Personalized WiFi Weather Station using ESP32, ESP8266 and Attiny85 with OTA – 4

LineaMeteoStazione is a complete weather station solar powered which can be interfaced with professional sensors from Sensirion as well as some Davis Instrument components (Rain Gauge, Anemometer) It also can be interfaced with a...