NodeMCU v3 high resolution pinout and specs

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NodeMcu v3 low resolution pinout
NodeMcu v3 low resolution pinout

Link to the pinout image v3

NodeMCU v3 (esp8266) details

The NodeMCU project begins in October 2014 shortly after the release of Espressif Systems’ ESP8266 module, when Hong releases the first files of the future NodeMCU firmware on GitHub. Two months later, the project expanded to include a free hardware platform developed by Huang R released with a Gerber extension called “Devkit v0.9”.

You can find It here AliExpress WeMos D1 mini - AliExpress NodeMCU V2 V2.1 V3 - AliExpress esp01


How to

esp8266 tutorial

Driver download

CH34x drivers

Schematics NodeMCU v1.0

esp8266 technical sheet

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