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The Wemos LoLin32 is a development board built around the Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 microcontroller. It boasts 4MB of memory and offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Wemos LoLin32 has the particularity to propose a connector for LiPo battery. The connector is JST XH2-2.54mm. It has a key that prevents reverse polarity. Charging the battery and programming will be done using the usual micro-USB connector.

LoRa E32 E22 ESP32 WeMos LOLIN32 v2.2 milled pcb assembled 0

ESP32 WeMos LOLIN32 EByte LoRa E32, E22 and E220 shield

I’m going to publish my LoRa shield for WeMos LOLIN32. This is one of my favorite microcontrollers, and until now, I have been using a simplified version of shield for rapid prototyping, but in the end, I created a more complete version, and I share it with everyone.